UPVC Weld Tape

Upvc tape is a kind of adhesive tape made of a durable fabric that is used to ensure the joining together of a variety of materials in the strongest possible way. It is designed to create as strong a bind as possible as well as being resistant to elements, heat and other extreme conditions, as well as being flexible and hard wearing. Upvc tape is made from woven fiberglass substrates, and they often possess anPTFE content; this means that they will leave little fabric impression. The blend of these materials makes it exceptionally strong and for this reason amongst others it is most commonly used in industrial situations such as manufacturing and construction.

Because of the glass reinforcement in the tape, it is still strong under more extreme conditions, and most importantly it stays strong in a higher range of temperatures. Upvc tapes are a good choice of material for load carrying and conveyor belts, or in harsh industrial environments where the need for strength as well as ease of use and flexibility is the most important to ensure productivity. It can also be used in environments where it is important for a tape to be resistant to the elements and water such as in window fitting.

When looking for a supplier of Upvc tape, it is best to use a company that will firstly understand the importance of the reliability of the tape, and secondly that they are prepared to put in the time and effort to find out what you need the tape for in order that they can recommend the tape best suited to your needs.