Teflon Conveyor Belt Installation

Conveyor belts are used in a range of different industrial environments but one area that they are used in a lot is in food production. They are good for production lines as a way of move the product in between stages of production, and also for cooking through a long oven to get an even distribution of heat.

Obviously, conveyor belts that are used in food and cooking production lines can’t just be made of just anything. There are a number of factors to take into account including the temperature that the conveyor belt is going to have to withstand, the fact that the conveyor belt needs to be hygienic for food products and that the material needs to be non stick in order that food products do not become attached to the belt, damaging the product and ceasing production while it is removed. A commonly used and very effective item is a Teflon conveyor belt.

Teflon coated glass fabric is well established as a durable and high quality membrane for conveyor belts suitable for food production. It withstands heat exceptionally well, and is similar in property to that used on saucepans using Teflon. It is also non stick – vital for food production. It can be made to any size or specification including thickness, and so is flexible in the different kinds of food that it can be used for.

Food production is not the only industry that Teflon conveyor belts and telfon tape is used in. It can be used in any industry when a product that is either or both heated and potentially sticky needs to move along a conveyor belt. This might also include products involving plastic and/or glue.