Teflon Coated Glass Fabric

Teflon coated glass fabric combines the various properties of Teflon; useful in a large number of business, industrial and domestic environments, with the strength that glass cloth possesses. It is very resistant to extreme levels of heat and cold, from -190°C to +260°C.  It is also chemical resistance.  Another useful property is its non-stick properties.  Teflon coated glass fabric is often available both plain or with a self-adhesive back, and also as anti-static when needed.
Having these properties makes Teflon coated glass fabric, cloth and tape very popular for heat sealing applications.  The material can also be converted into gaskets and strips and cut to any width or length to suit your needs; this is particularly helpful when using it in industrial situations for machinery or production lines of specific lengths or sizes.

It’s main useful features, as well as those listed above, include:

It’s non-stick property means that it had excellent release properties.
It has little or no friction.Easy to clean.
Resistant to moisture and is unlikely to corrode.
Well insulated from electricity and so is safer to work with.
Hygienic is that is has food contact approval.
When looking for a supplier of Teflon coated glass fabric always look for one with experience of using it in a setting that you are planning on using it in.  For example, if you are creating a conveyor belt, you should choose a company that has experience in not just making them, but also installing them, to ensure that it works as well as is possible and lasts as long as it can.
For more information on if Teflon coated glass fabric, cloth and tape and if it could meet your needs in your place of business or other reasons, contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.