Inert belting & Materials ltd offers a broad range of PTFE & Silicone tape products.  They are predominantly split into two main categories, Non-Adhesive & Self-Adhesive and are made from PTFE coated woven glass substrate.  The non-adhesive range incorporate PTFE coated glass substrate, Skived and Oriented PTFE.  The self-adhesive range is made by taking the non-adhesive products then treating one side (etching) in order to allow the application of a high temperature adhesive.  The most common adhesive used is Silicone based which offers a broad operational temperature range: -73 to +260 °C.  Some products are also available with an Acrylic adhesive; this has a lower temperature threshold (+170°C) but offers much higher tack than the silicone. We also offer un-supported PTFE film tapes made from either Skived Virgin PTFE or Oriented (High Modulus) PTFE.  These are also offer in both Non & Self-Adhesive formats.  Predominantly Silicone adhesive is used for these products but Acrylic is offered if the volume warrants a production run.

Conversion & Supply

Our State of the art Conversion equipment can slit rolls down to a width of 3mm.  We fully shrink wrap all self-adhesive tapes in order to protect the adhesive from dust and other atmospheric conditions that can effect the shelf life of the adhesive if not stored correctly.

For our range of non-adhesive products please refer to the materials page for technical data.

Industrial Grades

Our industrial grade range of self-adhesive products are based on PTFE coated woven glass substrates.  They have a medium level of PTFE coating, which is suitable for less demanding applications or where replacement is necessary due to operational requirements.  One side of the product is then treated (etched) to allow the application of the high temperature & pressure sensitive Silicone adhesive.  They have an operational temperature range of –73 to +260°C.

  I-SA-05 (33kb)   I-SA-06 (32kb)   I-SA-10 (32kb)


Standard Grades

Our standard grade range of products combines woven glass substrate with higher levels of PTFE coating.  This provides a superior non-stick surface for the more demanding of applications.  These products have proved to dramatically improve the cost effectiveness of a process application by reducing the frequency of replacement. One side of the product is then treated (etched) to allow the application of the high temperature Silicone adhesive.

 S-SA-03 (32kb)  S-SA-05 (33kb)  S-SA-06 (32kb)  S-SA-10 (32kb)  S-SA-14 (32kb)

Premium Grades

Our premium grade range of products combines fully twisted woven glass substrate with high levels of PTFE coatings.  The twisted glass yarn woven substrate allows for higher levels of coating to be applied, it also improves the dimensional stability, dielectric values, release and tensile strengths of the products.  The higher levels of PTFE make for a super-smooth, high gloss product with advanced performance characteristics.   These products are then treated (etched) one side to allow the application of a high temperature Silicone adhesive.

 P-SA-03 (33kb)  P-SA-05 (33kb)  P-SA-06 (33kb)  P-SA-10 (33kb)  P-SA-14 (33kb)




Anti Static Grades

Our range of Anti-Static self-adhesive products combine woven glass substrate with a carbon black PTFE coating.  These products therefore have a conductive surface, which allows for the discharge of static electricity.  They are ideal for use as support bed covers on conveyor systems and surface coverings in spray coat applications

 AS-SA-03 (34kb)  AS-SA-05 (34kb)  AS-SA-06 (33kb)  AS-SA-10 (34kb)  AS-SA-14 (34kb)


Acrylic Adhesive

Our range of Acrylic adhesive products combine woven glass substrate with PTFE coating.  This is then treated one side (etched) in order to allow the application of Acrylic adhesive.  Acrylic adhesive has a much higher ‘Tack’ than the standard Silicone adhesive, however the max operating temperature is lower at 170°C.

 AC-SA-03 (33kb)  AC-SA-05 (33kb)  AC-SA-06 (32kb)  AC-SA-10 (32kb)

Zone Tapes

Our range of Zone tapes combine PTFE coated woven glass substrate, which has been treated (etched) one side to allow the application of edge tapes, leaving an open area of usable fabric absent of adhesive.  These tapes are used over impulse element wires where the presence of adhesive on the PTFE fabric would create a contamination issue for the wire.  When measuring a zone tape it is important to note that we consider the total width of the roll (from edge to edge) as the correct roll width, and not the usable width.  Most zone tapes utilise a 10mm wide strip of adhesive on both edges.  This means that with a 50mm wide tape, the usable width would be 30mm.   We would term this size roll a 10/30/10.  The only thing left to consider is the fabric grade.  This will either be a 3 or 5thou product.