Laminator Belt

Laminators with laminator belts are double belt presses that use contact to heat and cool materials. The materials that are laminated are heated slowly, carefully and very gently. Because of the long heating area, the materials are laminated flawlessly with a high standard of strength, making the laminating very durable. Directly after the heating process, the materials that have been laminated can be pressed together or made to be to a set thickness, and this is done with the use of pressure rollers. The materials are then cooled down before they leave the double belt press in a stabilised state.

A laminator belt, also sometimes call a laminator band, is a major component of an industrial laminator of this sort. Without the laminator band it is not possible for the materials being laminated to move through the laminator, and neither is it possible for it to be heated or cooled. This makes it an integral part and therefore it needs to have several key properties in order to function to its full ability for a long period of time.

The main function of a laminator belt is to facilitate the heating and cooling of a material, and therefore it needs to work well under very hot and cooler conditions, and so needs to be resistant to high temperatures. It also needs to be hard wearing even under these circumstances, and so the material that makes up a laminator belt needs to be very durable, as well as flexible.

If you are installing a laminator band or belt, ensure you get it from a specialist supplier in order to get the right material, and get it fitted by a professional to ensure that it works to the best of its ability and stays fully functional for longer.