Ibo Belt

An IBO belt is an integral part of any IBO, which is also known as an Internal Bake Oven. An internal bake oven is commonly a piece of machinery used for the purpose of completing the cure on the over varnish, ink, and inside coating on aluminum or steel food and beverage tins and cans. They can usually accommodate a wide range of sizes of different cans and tins. There is a proprietary airflow control pattern directed above and below the tin line to ensure an even distribution, and a nozzle pushes air down on the tins as well.


The IBO belt is a synthetic conveyor belt, which is there to move the cans along, but it also helps maintain the same temperature and it will reduce the energy consumption of the machinery. Without an IBO belt the internal bake oven is completely useless as the items cannot move through the machine to be treated.

IBO belts need to be high quality to ensure that it continues to function to its full capacity and needs to be very resilient to high temperatures for obvious reasons; the belt needs to work even in the heat of the oven. It also needs to be a non stick surface to ensure that nothing sticks to the IBO belt stopping production or damaging the machine. For this reason it is made of a heat resistant and durable material which is also flexible enough to move in the oven. They should be professionally installed to ensure they work as well as possible for as long as is possible and prevent damage during the fitting process.