Heat sealer tape combines two important qualities needed in a lot of industrial environments. It has a high level of heat tolerance, withstanding very high temperatures and still functioning at a high level. It functions in that it has the same kind of strength and dimensional stability as fiberglass has. Heat sealer tape is a self-adhesive tape, which means that it is very easy to use whether you are a professional or just someone needing to use it, it provides maximum ease of application.

Heat sealer tape can be used for a wide range of reasons. It can be used on non stick sealing surfaces, making it ideal for using on polyethylene bag sealers as well as packaging equipment of all kinds. It can be used on roll coverings, and also on factory equipment such as conveyer belts, even in areas with high temperatures such as in food preparation and/or production and in ovens.


The strength of heat sealer tape means that it is strong enough to use in construction industries such as vinyl window manufacturing and general property maintenance, without risking breakages or damage.

If you are planning on using heat sealer tape for whatever reason, make sure that you use a well recognised and rated brand as well as one that is proven at being successful in the environment where you will be using it, as well as for the purpose that you will be using it for. By doing this you will be more likely to use it successfully with no problems.