Dryer Belts

Most people have a washing machine in their homes, but in the UK where the weather isn’t always great for drying you clothes outside, or even inside, a large number of people also regard a tumble dryer as a modern necessity as a convenient way of getting their clothes dry in good time without taking up heat by using radiators, or giving you a house full of drying racks.

Tumble dryers work by rotating warm air through your wet clothes, and one of the main components is a dryer belt. A dryer belt is essentially what makes the tumble dryer spin and so is an integral part of the dryer. If the belt for whatever reason isn’t working then the drum won’t spin and the clothes will not dry. Your dryer belt will most likely need replacing.

Unless you have a good working knowledge of the working of electrical household appliances you might well be better off using a professional to fit a new dryer belt. Not only will a professional with experience of tumble dryers be able to fit the new dryer belt accurately and time efficiently, but they will also be the best person to source the right on. Dryer belts are specific to each different kind of tumble dryer in the same way that parts are unique to washing machines, depending on the make and model number, and you will often be able to make sure that a fitter has the right part simply by giving them these numbers, or even order them online.

If your tumble dryer is no longer, well, drying, and the problem appears to be that the drum isn’t spinning, it well worth be looking at the dryer belt as the most likely cause and first option to consider.

Our porous grade range of products combines woven glass substrates with lower levels of PTFE coating. This allows for the escape of volatile gasses and air circulation in drying and curing processes in many industry applications.